January 2019

'Vi vet var du bor' got nominated in best political theatre at Scenkonstgalan, hurray for the amazing team of Månteatern! Writer Kristian Hallberg, director Marie Parker Shaw and composer Magnus Börjeson.

December 2018

Ho ho ho, this years Christmas card of the Swedish government and I got to do it!

September 2016

Book release at the Göteborg Book Fair!
Cover design for the novel 'Den lilla världen' by Johan Blomgren, published by Lo Söllgårds Förlag.

April 2016

Illustrations for the swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

Mars 2016

'Mysteriet Kaspar' at Moomsteatern in Malmö.

September 2015

Illustration 'Bekänn färg' for the magazine of Riksteatern 'Scenen'. Article on discrimination at the Swedish stages.

April 2015

Illustrations for Gävle kommun.

Mars 2015

Book release!
I made the cover for the novel 'Ty riket är ditt' by Therése Granwald, published by Lo Söllgårds Förlag.

Mars 2015

Opening night for the beautiful saga 'Resan till Melonia' at Moomsteatern in Malmö, directed by Harald Leander. Set design and costumes by yours truly.

Oktober 2014

Opening night for 'Vilja väl' at Malmö Stadsteater. Directed by Marie Parker Shaw and soon touring south of Sweden.

September 2014

Illustrated information signs for the foundation of Skånska Landskap. You'll find this one at Snogeholm, get into the woods folks!


Opening ceremonies at the playground in Malmö which I've designed!
Welcome to "Din Teaterpark" at Pildammsparken in Malmö.
Photo: Johan Sjövall


Opening night for 'Sitcom' at Malmö Stadsteater, with me in charge of costume and set design.


Illustrations made for the website of Svensk Juristtidning


Go check out my work at Form Design Center in Malmö; The Designer of the Month, open until 26th of January.


Release party at Lo Söllgårds förlag for the novel 'Brittsommar' by Laura Fitinghoff, for which I illustrated the front cover.


I've been working for a while designing attractions for a new playground in Malmö, and now the sketches are turning in to reality at the fantastic workshop of Monstrum in Copenhagen.



Sydsvenskan reports from one of my productions, the play 'Vilse' at Malmö Stadsteater.


Opening night for 'Vilse' at Malmö Stadsteater!


New illustrations for Konsumentverket


Kickoff week for two plays at Malmö Stadsteater with me as stage designer and costume designer. 'Konst' at Intiman, opens 4th of Oct, and 'Vilse', a children´s play at Studion, opens 31st of Aug.


New print "Åkervinda"


New print "Origamibirds"


Graphic design for Dansstationen


Illustrations for Konsumentverket


New folder for Dansstationen!

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